Why hire Puerto Rican workers

The North American workforce is incredibly diverse, with millions of people from different backgrounds, cultures, and languages working together. However, there is one group of workers who are often overlooked but can bring significant benefits to employers on the US mainland: Puerto Rican workers. Puerto Rico is a US territory located in the Caribbean, with […]

H-2B Visas: Your Key to Business Success

If you’re an employer in need of temporary or seasonal workers, H-2B visas can be a game-changer. With H-2B visas, you can access a pool of experienced foreign workers who are eager to help your business thrive during peak times. Whether you’re a ski resort in Colorado or a seafood processing plant in Alaska, H-2B […]

Hiring Solutions for the Labor Shortage: Mexican Engineers Could Be the Answer

With a TN Visa, Mexican Engineers Are Ready to Help Manufacturing Businesses Grow and Solve the Labor Shortage Crisis in the U.S. According to the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), 2.1 million U.S. manufacturing jobs could go unfilled over the next eight years. The issue at hand is a lack of skilled laborers, such as […]

The U.S. Labor Crisis: What’s Causing the Nation to Quit Their Jobs?

The U.S. labor market has a people problem; it can’t get enough of them. While governments across the globe had us locked down at home instead of heading out to work in March 2020, it seems as though the problem has gone too far the other way. A notion referred to as The Great Resignation, […]

How To Overcome The U.S. Labor Shortage In Hospitals: Hire Nurses From Mexico With TN Visas

COVID-19, burnout, and an aging baby boomer generation have led to a nationwide nurse labor shortage — reinforcing our need to hire across the borders. For over two grueling years, the devoted doctors and nurses working in America’s hospitals and health systems have endured the overwhelming impact of COVID-19. The pandemic has been frustrating, exhausting, […]