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Frontline workers are the backbone of America and nurses are a vital part of the healthcare system.

Are you a healthcare clinic or hospital in the U.S. seeking talented nursing professionals?

Our leading nursing recruitment agency specializes in connecting healthcare facilities with top-notch nurses across the USA. Explore how our comprehensive services can assist you in finding skilled and dedicated nurses to enhance your team.

At our agency, we understand the challenges of sourcing qualified nursing staff. That’s why we are committed to delivering exceptional recruitment solutions tailored to your unique needs. As experts in the field, we offer an extensive network of highly qualified nurses, including registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and specialized nurse practitioners, ready to make a positive impact on your healthcare organization.

Partnering with us provides numerous advantages. Our experienced team of recruiters will collaborate closely with you to comprehend your specific requirements and organizational culture. Leveraging our industry expertise and comprehensive database, we employ targeted strategies to identify and connect you with the most suitable nursing candidates. With our proven track record, we streamline the hiring process, ensuring a seamless experience and optimal outcomes for your healthcare clinic or hospital.

Why Partner with Us

Choose us as your trusted partner, and experience the advantages of our comprehensive services. We prioritize your cost savings, patient outcomes, and long-term staffing needs while providing flexible terms and outstanding client satisfaction. Let us help you achieve your staffing goals efficiently and effectively.

Immediate Cost Savings

Save on expenses compared to hiring travel nurses. Avoid paying significant overtime to current staff.

Improved Patient Outcomes

By leveraging the compassionate qualities of the nurses selected through our comprehensive screening process.

90 day guarantee

Flexible 90-Day Cancellation Policy: No Fees, No Upfront Costs, and No Conversion Charges

Exceptional Client Satisfaction

Our high client satisfaction rate reflects our commitment to delivering excellent service and successful placements.

Streamlined Legal and Immigration Processes

We handle legal and immigration fees and fillings to simplify the hiring of international candidates.

NCLEX Prep Support

We provide assistance and resources for nurses preparing for their licensure exams.

Hire Registered Nurses & Therapists Now

Our mission is to use our combined experience to connect great individuals with great organizations. Your success is the primary goal of our company.

At 3 Amigos Recruiting, we believe that connecting American healthcare providers with skilled and reliable nurses and healthcare professionals should be effortless. What sets us apart is our ability to bring international nurses, particularly Mexican registered nurses, to US healthcare facilities within a couple of months, thanks to the advantages offered by the TN visa program.

Our mission is to create a safe and profitable environment for both employers and recruits, ensuring the perfect match for enhanced employee engagement and increased productivity levels within your organization. We understand that the right fit between candidates and employers leads to better employee engagement, translating into greater productivity levels for your company.

As an innovative company, we have adapted our business model to meet the challenges of a post-COVID world. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we have implemented advanced screening systems, streamlined candidate management processes, and optimized hiring procedures. These technological advancements, combined with the benefits of the TN visa program, guarantee that our clients receive thoughtful and tailored workforce solutions for their healthcare operations.

Sarah Wyngaard

Immigration Lawyer

Specializing in immigration law, we assist Clients from all over the United States, and indeed, all over the world. Sarah is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, and the Alaska Bar Association.


Michael Wyngaard

Operations Manager

Michael brings a background in cultural anthropology to Wyngaard Law. After years of teaching at University and conducting field work throughout the US and the Arctic, Michael transitioned into legal work, working in general practice and Estate Planning. After living abroad for several years, Immigration law was a natural fit.

Katie Pipkin

Marketing Coordinator

Katie grew up in an agricultural community in Southern California. She went on to receive her degree in Chemistry, minoring in philosophy, at the University of California, Davis. After graduating, she moved to New York where she worked in Ad Sales for several different television networks (including A+E, The History Channel and WGN America). Wanting to connect with her Mexican roots, she later moved to Guanajuato, Mexico where she currently resides today. Spending this time living in Mexico connected her to the opportunity to work for the Wyngaard Law Firm.

Juan José De Santiago

Immigration Lawyer, Mexico

Juan José De Santiago is a licensed attorney who studied at the prestigious Universidad de Guanajuato where he was raised in Guanajuato, México. During his practice in migration and immigration, he has had the opportunity to work as an Independent Contractor for United Farm Workers of América. In addition, he worked for el Centro de Investigación Entrenamiento y Reclutamiento del Trabajador Organizado (CIERTO) – an organization dedicated to recruiting, training and transporting workers to various large farms in the USA. In addition to his native language of Spanish, Juan José is fluent in English as well.


Coloma Araujo

Lead Recruiter

Coloma has always been versatile. With a degree in History and Advertising, she worked for several years as an editor in Spain and Puerto Rico, her adopted country for more than 30 years. In Ponce, she managed and administered Del Sur Farms, a gardening and ornamental plant company. She was then in charge of an obesity prevention program for young Puerto Ricans, directed by Florida International University and the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico. Coloma is also a yoga teacher (passionate about the well-being of herself and others) and a Certified Coach by the University of Puerto Rico.

Ricardo Santiago

Lead Recruiter

Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Ricardo earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design from Atlantic College University before founding an interior design studio. Interacting with customers allowed him to discover his true passions — listening and helping people achieve their goals. Ricardo put his design job on hold to work as a Damaged Dwellings Inspector for FEMA, the government agency responsible for distributing help to distressed families following natural disasters. He has also worked as a recruitment assistant for TRS Staffing Solutions in Puerto Rico before joining the 3 Amigos Recruiting team.

María Victoria Loidi

Lead Recruiter

A person who is constantly learning and capable of adapting to new situations and challenges. Born and raised in Argentina, she spent quite a few years in Puerto Rico, where she was educated and developed in her roles as a collection agent, insurance licensed agent, and office manager. She recently moved to Florida, USA, and joined 3 Amigos Recruiting; she is fully committed to helping individuals achieve their goals and employers find the perfect candidates. She is dedicated to providing exceptional service and achieving successful outcomes for all parties.

Aracely Hernández

Talent Acquisition Recruiter

Aracely began her career as a foreign language teacher, graduating as an SLA (Second-Language Acquisition) and ELE (Spanish as a Foreign Language) teacher from the prestigious University of Guanajuato. She spent 8 years traveling abroad to specialize in the development of programs, methods and strategies to cultivate people’s interest in becoming bilingual as a way to contribute to improving their lives. Over the years she also became an editor and translator for a major magazine. Aracely has a passion for helping candidates through social media find positions where they can grow and reach their highest potential.

Francisco Hernandez

Web Development / Marketing

Francisco has 25 years of experience working professionally in multiple areas of advertising. He has developed multimedia projects in the United States, Canada, Mexico and Spain.

Elizabeth Rendón

Sales Representative

Elizabeth López Rendón is originally from Guanajuato, Mexico and, while studying B.S. in Industrial Engineering, she has spent considerable time in the United States. She is fluent in both Spanish and English. Since 2021, you may know her from her work as a legal paralegal at Wyngaard Law Firm, but Eli can also be credited with contributions in assisting with H2-A and H2-B visas in the Firm.
Eli has been honored with the 2022 Student Award for her contributions as the President of the Association of Mechatronics Engineers.

María Teresa López

Sales Representative

Tere is originally from Guanajuato,Mexico and has spent considerable time in the United States while pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Management Engineering. She is fluent in both Spanish and English. Tere has assisted Wyngaard Law Firm LLC since 2021 on H-2B and E-B3 visas with a special focus on FOIA requests, preparation of Applications and Work Contracts, and translation of required documents for Adjustment of Status and other applications.

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