Junior Recruiter for Our Company 3 Amigos Recruiting

BUSINESS NAME: 3 Amigos Recruiting LLC
BUSINESS WEBSITE: https://3amigosrecruiting.com


JOB TITLE: Junior Recruiter.
LOCATION: Remote work.
JOB DESCRIPTION: A Junior Recruiter will be in charge of performing a variety of tasks to select candidates for our clients and give them the best workforce posible.
Many of the workers to be interviewed are native Spanish speakers so the position requires a professional level of both English and Spanish. The interview for the Junior Recruiter position will be done in English.
3 AMIGOS RECRUITING LLC is a great company to work for and we are looking for a person with strong work ethics to conduct the recruitment of American/Permanent resident workforce to be relocated and placed in different companies in the US. We are looking for a person who wants to develop his/her potential with us, while fulfilling the objectives and goals of the company.
Recruitment and selection of candidates is done through different channels processing and reporting of processes to management, supervisors and clients, coordinating to fulfill of weekly/monthly goals.
We have a great work environment, please read the entire Job Offer and give us a call!!

JOB DUTIES: The Junior Recruiter’s duties will include, among others, the following:

  1. Contact of the applicants through different channels (phone, email, text, WhatsApp);
  2. Schedule appointments and conduct interviews with the applicants;
  3. Maintain record/organization of applicants that have been contacted, while making sure to contact every applicant;
  4. Make an assessment of whether the candidate is a good fit for the specific position;
  5. Explain to the applicants the job offer(s);
  6. Keep daily control of new applicants;
  7. Report at the end of the workday the number of workers hired;
  8. Send over to the applicant the Job Offer for signature;
  9. Gather all documentation required by an specific employer (drivers license, Criminal Background Check, Covid test, drug test, ID, etc.).
  10. Update the recruitment reports when some change has to be made and communicate with the team of these types of changes.
  11. Prepare the group of workers for travel.
  12. Send the Office Manager the list of workers who will fly, when they can fly and from where.
  13. Include all relevant information such as city/country of departure and any other relevant information for the flight purchase.
  14. Make the WhatsApp group to coordinate the flight logistics.
  15. Keep open communication with workers and the 3 Amigos Recruitment Team regarding recruitment status.
  16. Complete recruitment goals on time and report if goals are not going to be reached in a timely manner.
  17. Follow up with the workers prior to and during flight days and present a flight report to the employer.
  18. Follow up with social media posts and answer possible applicants´ questions and concerns.
  19. Any other activity necessary to achieve the recruitment goals of 3 Amigos Recruiting LLC.


JOB TYPE: Full time.
WAGE: $2,666 dlls/monthly. After the 90 day trial period, the salary will increase up to $40,000/year.
OVER TIME: Yes, not guaranteed.
WORKWEEK: Monday through Friday 9:00 am – 6:00 PM Central Standard Time.
CAN THEY WORK EXTRA DAYS?: Yes, depending on company’s needs.
WILL THEY WORK WEEKENDS? ADD RATE: Yes, depending on company’s needs.
BREAK TIMES: Worker will have a 30 unpaid lunch break and 2 unpaid breaks of 15 minutes.
JOB START DATE: Immediately
ADDITIONAL JOB INFORMATION: We work in coordination with our sister company, Wyngaard Law Firm and you will work remotely with people located in different parts of the world.



  1. Outstanding work ethics;
  2. USA phone number;
  3. Bilingual (English and Spanish);
  4. Professional;
  5. Excellent communication skills (Written and Verbally);
  6. Vendor/sales person profile;
  7. Excel, Word, Adobe, E-mail, etc.
  8. Own Lap Top;
  9. Very organized
  10. Tolerant to frustration
  11. Ability of negotiation and problem solving;

EXPERIENCE REQUIRED?: Preferred, but not obligatory, as recruiter.
PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS?: Ability to spend long periods sitting down working on the computer and/or speaking on the phone..
LANGUAGES REQUIRED: Bilingual, Spanish and English, at least.
SPANISH: Advanced.
SPANISH PROFICIENCY: Ability to communicate in a coloquial and formal way with applicants.
ENGLISH PROFICIENCY: High proficiency. The recruiter will communicate constantly via email and/or phone with English spoken clients.
COMPUTER: Proficient use of basic Microsoft programs. Proficient use of email, social media and other computer programs, necessary to complete the goals.


WORKER COMPENSATION INSURANCE?: Yes, but only after the 90 day trial period. Worker will be a 1099 employee for the 1st 90 days. After 90 days, the worker can become a salaried worker and workers compensation insurance will be provided
PAID HOLIDAYS: Yes, during the 90 day trial period they get paid for holidays.
VACATIONS: Yes, 20/year paid days after 90 days trial period.
JOB PROMOTION POSSIBILITY: Yes, depending on availability. Not guaranteed.
BONUS: Yes, $100 dollars per each worker placed will be paid if that specific worker completes at least 3 months in the job.

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