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Employers' FAQ

Yes, because people from Puerto Rico are American, there is no limit on the number of Puerto Rican workers that can come to the US mainland to work. Recruitment from Puerto Rico can also be a faster process than H2Bs.

3 Amigos Recruiting recruits for both temporary and permanent positions. Most of our seasonal jobs are in the following industries: landscaping, housekeeping and construction.

Yes! Our founding partner, Sarah Wyngaard, comes from an H2B background. We started 3 Amigos Recruiting because of the H2B cap and frustrations in recent years with the H2B process. We will lay out the pros/cons of all options and help you figure out what works best for you and your business.

This is a great question. Puerto Ricans are Americans so they are able to change employers if they wish. We work with employers to provide a competitive work package, effectively communicate what is expected of their workers and to provide opportunities for advancement to their workers from Puerto Rico. Our clients make their workers appreciated members of their team!

We do require that all of our clients have housing arranged before the workers arrive. We require that the housing have no more than 2 workers per bedroom. Some of our clients own or rent houses or apartments for their workers. Make sure the housing is comfortable and will make the workers feel welcome. Each house or apartment must be furnished with everything from furniture to bedding.

Our clients offer competitive wages to their workers from Puerto Rico. We generally begin the conversation with employers by checking the local H2B wage. We also take your specific location (city/town and state) into consideration when determining what a ‘competitive wage’ for your area is. To provide an idea: housekeeping wages generally start around $13/hour plus benefits AND landscaping wages generally begin around $15/hour. Please call us so we can provide a more specific analysis for your business.

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