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At 3 Amigos Recruiting LLC, we are the go-to full-service engineering and technical staffing agency for both employers and job seekers. With our exceptional track record and a team of talented experts, we have mastered the art of seamlessly connecting American companies with highly skilled engineering and technical professionals.
Our proven expertise lies in placing engineering professionals across diverse disciplines and industries. We boast a robust pool of qualified candidates, enabling us to provide tailored and effective engineering solutions that meet the unique needs of each business we serve.

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What we do

TN Visa Engineers and Professional Technicians

One of our core strengths is our specialization in sourcing TN visa Engineers and Technicians from Mexico for American employers across multiple industries. This strategic approach allows us to offer highly qualified and experienced professionals, known for their strong work ethic, technical expertise, and cost-effectiveness. By hiring Mexican engineers, your company can access new markets, overcome labor crises, and secure skilled workers at a fair price.

TN visas offer employers numerous benefits, including a streamlined and efficient application process, cost-effectiveness, access to a diverse pool of skilled Mexican talent, flexibility in hiring multiple employees, and the ability to address short-term staffing needs. These advantages allow employers to quickly and affordably bring in highly qualified professionals, meet project demands, foster innovation through diverse perspectives, and navigate talent shortages effectively.

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Why are tn engineers better

TN Visas: Your Competitive Edge in Hiring

Specialized Skills

Tap into Mexico’s skilled engineering talent for precise expertise that meets your project requirements efficiently.

Speed of Placement

Fulfill urgent project needs quickly by leveraging the expedited processing of TN visas for engineers from Mexico.

Cost-Effective Solution

Optimize your staffing budget by choosing TN engineers from Mexico, benefiting from streamlined processes and reduced relocation costs.

Cultural Compatibility

Benefit from a smooth integration process and effective collaboration with Mexican engineers due to shared business practices and cultural affinity.

Language Proficiency

Access TN engineers from Mexico with strong English proficiency, ensuring seamless communication within your organization.

Diverse Perspectives

Harness the power of diversity by choosing TN engineers from Mexico, bringing varied backgrounds and fresh perspectives to enhance innovation and project outcomes.

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Customized Solutions for Seamless Integration

Industries We Serve

Aligning Skills, Culture, and Values for Exceptional Results

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Discover top talent for the automotive and industrial machinery sectors. Our recruitment solutions connect you with skilled professionals in automotive manufacturing, heavy machinery, and industrial equipment. From assembly line workers to mechanical engineers, find the right candidates to stay ahead in this dynamic industry.

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Find qualified professionals for construction and manufacturing projects. Our recruitment services source skilled laborers, project managers, and manufacturing engineers. Build a successful team that drives your projects forward with expertise and industry-specific knowledge.

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Stay competitive in automation and robotics with our recruitment solutions. Find professionals skilled in AI, machine learning, and industrial automation. Build a team that excels in developing and optimizing cutting-edge technologies.

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Connect with top talent in electronics and telecommunications. Our recruitment services source hardware engineers, software developers, and telecommunications specialists. Stay ahead in wireless communications, embedded systems, and electronic design.

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Meet the demands of the energy, oil, and power sectors. Our recruitment solutions connect you with skilled professionals in renewable energy, oil and gas, and engineering. Build a sustainable and successful team for your operations.

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Food Industry and chemical

Drive innovation in the chemical and laboratory industries. Our recruitment services find chemists, technicians, and research scientists. Source talent for chemical synthesis, quality control, and research and development.

what our CLIENT SAY

Partner of Choice for Global Industry Leaders

3 Amigos understood our staffing needs and provided highly skilled engineers from Mexico. Their expertise ensured timely project completion. Highly recommended.
Albert Kandel
Manufacturing Company, NY
You saved us time and resources by quickly placing TN engineers from Mexico. Excellent communication and specialized skills. Impressive results.
Alisha Alexander
Land Roofing Co
3Amigos delivered outstanding staffing solutions. Quick hiring process, extensive network, and exceptional support. Highly recommended.
Jonah Weiland
Landscaping New York

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